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Penetration Tests

As part of our IT security services, we offer penetration tests to our customers. Penetration tests are a way to exploit security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, as their idea is to simulate an attack on your system in order to detect weak points in your defense. We have performed external and internal penetration tests for our clients. The former relates to an attacker trying to penetrate the system from the outside, while in the latter the attacker tries to harm the system from the internal network. After the test, a report is created to the client, so that they can take care of the identified vulnerabilities. The issues in the report are categorized based on their risk rating and suggestions for remediation are offered.

These tests are vital for compliance with various standards (i.e. PCI DSS, which requires companies to perform penetration tests yearly, or under certain conditions, every six months).
Our tests make use of frameworks like OISSG-ISSAF, OWASP, OSSTMM, etc, to ensure that all known attack methods are covered and no hidden vulnerabilities remain.

Apart from performing the penetration tests, we are ready to help you all the way in the remediation process by assisting you with discussing and addressing the issues. This is because we do not aim for incidental projects but we look to create long-lasting partnerships with our customers that are of mutual benefit.

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