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Sales Application

The interactive “Salesforce Angel” application is specifically developed for tablets running on any mobile operation system – iOS, Android, or Windows. The front-end visual application comes with a back-end dashboard, which enables users to record all data collected during sales meetings and enables monitoring, measurement, BI reporting and integration with other systems.

The solution is optimized for sales and marketing purposes. In addition, there is a possibility of integrating it with various CRM and ERP systems. It has hi-tech and innovative design, which catches and holds the attention of the customer. The information in the application is well organized and easily accessible, with the possibility to quickly send selected contents (e.g. emails, Word/PDF files, etc.) to the customer right on the spot. Adding and updating information in real-time is no matter anymore, regardless of the location of sales personnel. Our applications have detailed reporting and sortable statistics behind that help managers measure their staff performance and define new strategies.

The interactive tablet application has contributed to better customer service allowing relationship managers to visually present their products to private clients and to recommend personalized offers based on client-specific needs.

Briefly, the solution offers:

  • Provides focus on the visual impression of the client, which increases the probability to easily remember and understand the information presented.
  • The client receives personalized attention while using an interactive interface managed by his/her touch.
  • Automatic product information messages and emails with up-to-date materials always available for use.
  • Easy management of sales personnel activity and performance.

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