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Sales Application

The interactive “Salesforce Angel” application is specifically developed for tablets running on any mobile operation system – iOS, Android, or Windows. The front-end visual application comes with a back-end dashboard, which enables users to record all data collected during sales meetings and enables monitoring, measurement, BI reporting and integration with other systems.

The solution is optimized for sales and marketing purposes. In addition, there is a possibility of integrating it with various CRM and ERP systems. It has hi-tech and innovative design, which catches and holds the attention of the customer. The information in the application is well organized and easily accessible, with the possibility to quickly send selected contents (e.g. emails, Word/PDF files, etc.) to the customer right on the spot. Adding and updating information in real-time is no matter anymore, regardless of the location of sales personnel. Our applications have detailed reporting and sortable statistics behind that help managers measure their staff performance and define new strategies.

The interactive tablet application has contributed to better customer service allowing relationship managers to visually present their products to private clients and to recommend personalized offers based on client-specific needs.

Briefly, the solution offers:

  • Provides focus on the visual impression of the client, which increases the probability to easily remember and understand the information presented.
  • The client receives personalized attention while using an interactive interface managed by his/her touch.
  • Automatic product information messages and emails with up-to-date materials always available for use.
  • Easy management of sales personnel activity and performance.

Penetration Tests

As part of our IT security services, we offer penetration tests to our customers. Penetration tests are a way to exploit security vulnerabilities in your IT infrastructure, as their idea is to simulate an attack on your system in order to detect weak points in your defense. We have performed external and internal penetration tests for our clients. The former relates to an attacker trying to penetrate the system from the outside, while in the latter the attacker tries to harm the system from the internal network. After the test, a report is created to the client, so that they can take care of the identified vulnerabilities. The issues in the report are categorized based on their risk rating and suggestions for remediation are offered.

These tests are vital for compliance with various standards (i.e. PCI DSS, which requires companies to perform penetration tests yearly, or under certain conditions, every six months).
Our tests make use of frameworks like OISSG-ISSAF, OWASP, OSSTMM, etc, to ensure that all known attack methods are covered and no hidden vulnerabilities remain.

Apart from performing the penetration tests, we are ready to help you all the way in the remediation process by assisting you with discussing and addressing the issues. This is because we do not aim for incidental projects but we look to create long-lasting partnerships with our customers that are of mutual benefit.

CRM Implementation

Implementation of an analytic CRM system for Corporate Clients, Small and Medium Enterprises (SME) and Private Banking business lines:

AAM supported the implementation and the upgrade of an analytic CRM system in a Bank, which is used to support the sales activities of three main business lines – Corporate clients, SME and Private Banking

Main tasks during the project:

  • Support project management during the implementation and upgrade of the CRM system
  • Review and analyze business needs to define necessary system features and change requests
  • Facilitate the communication between the business departments and the IT team
  • Support the testing of the system by reviewing test scenarios
  • Fine tune translations of new modules of the system
  • Support the continuous operation and bug fixing of the system
  • Monitor deadlines and create periodical status reports for the management of the bank
  • Educate new users

Data Classification

Data Classification is a part of Information Security which classifies data generated during business operations according to re-established security requirements. As a result the generated information assets are used as the basis of a reliable, accurate and sustainable company operation and also the development of the IT field of client.

AAM participated in the review of data security policies, in the definition of critical information to-be-protected, in suggestions to handle data leakage paths, while AAM also helps to define the additional DLP rules/policies. The DLP systems (Data Loss Prevention/Data Leakage Prevention) prevent sensitive data from accidental or intentional leakage on the typical data routes (printing, USB flash drive, e-mail, social media) and rely extensive on the identification of critical information.

Main tasks during the Data Classification project:

  • Selection of adequate classification method
  • Interviews with stakeholders and assessment of the data types and data classes based on process or system level approach
  • Preparation of Data classification reports
  • Preparation of Data classification tables
  • Definition of DLP rules

PCI DSS Compliance

The Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS) is a standard created by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover and JCB in order to align their individual policies and create a set of rules that are standard for all companies and, thus, easier to comply with and understand. The purpose of these rules is to increase security controls around cardholder data in order to reduce credit card fraud.
There are 12 requirements that need to be fulfilled each year in order for a company to be certified as PCI DSS compliant.
For the past 2 years, we have been working closely with DSK Bank, who are using our services to become and remain PCI DSS compliant. As a result of our cooperation, our client was successfully certified, gaining not only a stronger cyber defense, but also a competitive edge.
Obtaining a PCI DSS certificate increases a company’s value and its ability to compete on the market by showing investors and clients that it is willing to go the extra mile in order to ensure that their investment and business will not be subject to high risk.
With a record of successful local and international certifications, AAM Consulting has the experience and knowledge required to help get your business certified, making sure your company will be ahead of its competitors.