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Donor Funded Projects

Constant adaptation, backed by experience, resulting in sustainability and success


Over the years, AAM Consulting has built up a wide range of competencies in a number of service areas, a specific field being provision of consultancy in donor funded projects (EU, World Bank, EBRD, UNICEF, etc.), including the generation and raising of such project funds, and providing technical assistance for the implementation focusing on capacity building. Ministries, municipalities and other government authorities are among our major clients for technical and professional assistance in the implementation of EU regulation, and in strengthening their administration, institutional and technical capacity. For further information on these projects, please visit our international website at AAM International Business Unit.

Locations and sectors:

We have been implementing international technical assistance projects mainly in Western Balkan countries, while in previous years we have also worked in the Caucasus, Central Asia, Africa, South America and the Middle East. We have conducted projects for different public administration institutions in the fields of justice, finance, customs, labour, social policy, health, statistics, education, environment, local and central government, culture, civil rights, etc. We normally act as a consortium leader and work together with leading institutions on the subject matter, which join us as consortium members. We have solid experience and a history of success in winning tenders and completing projects using this form of collaboration.

Our operation:

Our team is experienced in the management and coordination of large-scale international donor funded projects. In our operation, we ensure balance in human resource management: we assign experienced staff to the project implementation, who work on a maximum of two projects at the same time. Our consultant team is committed to continuous development both from a professional and managerial perspective. Since our staff is actively involved in the project implementation, we have the opportunity to learn on the spot, analyse the results of each project and further improve our management practices and operation procedures. Due to the professional resource management and the size of our company, we can afford to maintain a close cooperation with stakeholders of all projects. Therefore, we are fully aware of project activities, allowing our management team to react immediately and deal with any situation that may arise. This is the only way to ensure both sustainability and a high return on investment. AAM Consulting maintains its focus on the particular needs of the central and local public administration and government agencies it works for in the countries of the CEE/SEE region, whilst at the same time adhering to industry best practices and European standards.